By Elections: 22/03/18

8 seats were up for grabs last night, the results are in: SNP GAIN Penicuik from Labour (Midlothian) Independent GAIN Billingsgate from Independent (City of London) Tories GAIN Ridgeway from Independent (Chiltern) Lib Dem GAIN Central & Walton from Tories (Aylesbury Valley) Tories GAIN Ockendon (Thurrock) from UKIP (Thurrock)* Tories HOLD Bunbury (Cheshire East) Labour … Continue reading By Elections: 22/03/18


Brexit: New Statesman vs Daily Mail

The New Statesman has printed a story today about the 'snowflakes' at the Daily Mail getting their knickers in a twist about the outsourcing of the new UK passport manufacture to France. One point worth pointing out is that the UK company that lost the contract currently makes passports and currency for countries across the … Continue reading Brexit: New Statesman vs Daily Mail

Education: Hammond Reported for False Statements

Labour has reported the Chancellor to the statistics watchdog after he wrongly claimed that school spending is going up. In his Spring Statement Philip Hammond repeated claims made by the Education Secretary which had already led to a formal rebuke and retraction.