Local News: Speed Reduction in Arthington

SIDs (or Speed Indication Devices) have been popping up all over the ward and now the residents of Arthington want one on Arthington Lane where a number of motorists tend to ignore the 30mph speed limit. http://www.wharfedaleobserver.co.uk/news/16096332.wharfedale-village-pushing-for-speed-indication-device/


Local News: Roadworks at Dyneley Junction

A culvert has been found to be in need of major repair and a 10 week program has been established. Full details have been announced in the Wharfedale Observer. http://www.wharfedaleobserver.co.uk/news/16097483.ten-weeks-of-roadworks-to-be-carried-out-near-dyneley-arms-crossroads/

Brexit: Starmer Responds

Keir Starmer MP, Labour’s Shadow Brexit Secretary, responding to the agreement between the European Union and the UK Government on the terms of a transitional deal, said: “This agreement could have been signed months ago but Ministers wasted time fighting among themselves, holding out on negotiating objectives that they have failed to achieve and pursuing their … Continue reading Brexit: Starmer Responds

PMQs: Corbyn Invokes Hawking

On a day when the great scientific mind of Stephen Hawking is being discussed and celebrated throughout the world, Jeremy Corbyn took the opportunity to utter some of the great man's words: “There is overwhelming evidence that NHS funding and the numbers of doctors and nurses are inadequate, and it is getting worse.” Surely this … Continue reading PMQs: Corbyn Invokes Hawking

Alex Sobel MP: Pushing for Better Standards

Alex Sobel has been carrying on flouting the traditions of the previous Leeds NW MP by continuing to get involved in Westminster debates. Having been a strong advocate for greater environmental protections for as long as any of us can remember Mr Sobel has been voicing his discontent over the Government's decision not to impose … Continue reading Alex Sobel MP: Pushing for Better Standards

Brexit: Time to Stop Pretending

Jonathan Lis, director of British Influence, writes today that is time for the government to wake up and smell the Brexit coffee. If they think that everything is going to run smoothly with no thought to future legislation they are being severely laissez faire with the prospects of this country. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2018/mar/12/theresa-may-brexit-calais-business