Government backbenchers rebel! On Conservatories.

Leeds North West Constituency

24 Tory and LibDem MPs have voted against party bosses on the subject of Conservatories.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I wish more had rebelled.  The legislation proposed was ill-conceived and would deregulate the building of extensions.  The legislation introduced by Tories and LibDems in Government was anti-localist and could leave unsightly development with no means of protest.

gable-end-conservatory-22Leaving aside the fact that this Government can’t even agree on conservatories, it does make you wonder what was it about this legislation that inspired these MPs to rebel.  After all they have voted for far far more damaging legislation in the past.

This Government has given millionaires massive tax cuts, decimated our NHS, taken Police off our street, increased VAT, allowing private rail companies to hike their ticket prices, prepared Royal Mail be sold off……the list goes on.

Our LibDem MP decided to listen to Labour criticism and voted against this…

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