Labour Party: Live Video Chat with Andrew Gwynne MP

At 7pm on Monday 19th February 2018 hundreds of members will be speaking live to one of the people responsible for shaping Labour’s election campaign last summer — Andrew Gwynne MP. You can tune from wherever you are.

Andrew worked side-by-side with Jeremy Corbyn in last summer’s general election campaign, making sure that we even won seats like Kensington and Chelsea.

Now we have a new challenge – to defeat the Tories across the country in May’s local elections – and Andrew will be telling us how we can do it.

If you click here to RSVP you will be sent a reminder before the broadcast goes live.

Here’s what we’ll chat to Andrew about:

  • The inside scoop on our campaigns
  • Going campaigning for the first time
  • We’ll go live to a local Labour party to give us their first-hand account of winning a seat for Labour

You can feed in questions and comments live, using your log-in to the Labour Party website (you’ll need your membership number if you haven’t already signed up to the site, it takes two minutes to set up an account)

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