Brexit: JRM Ridiculed

The gentleman who recently advised the Canadian Government throughout the CETA deal, Christophe Bondy, has taken the time to ridicule a suggestion, by Jacob Rees-Mogg, that a hard Brexit would be "worth it" for the British taxpayer.


Brexit: Tories Vote to Keep Fundamental Human Rights out of UK Law

Last year the Tories said that we didn't need to worry about this charter of fundamental rights and that they could prove it. Labour however disagrees, suggesting that the subsequent analysis was "woefully inadequate" and tabled a motion to retain the rights following Brexit. The Tories voted it down.

Brexit: Farage Muses 2nd Referendum

On The Wright Stuff earlier today, Nigel Farage suggested that a 2nd referendum might be the way to go as he believes it would result in a greater margin of victory for the Leave side. Didn't Theresa May have similar thoughts last year???

Brexit: Starmer Responds to Withdrawal Bill Amendments

Keir Starmer MP, Labour’s Shadow Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union, responding to the Government’s recent amendments to the EU withdrawal bill, said: “This is a deeply flawed and damaging piece of legislation. The Government’s piecemeal changes are woefully inadequate meaning once again nothing has changed. “There is nothing to address the fundamental … Continue reading Brexit: Starmer Responds to Withdrawal Bill Amendments

Brexit: Breaking Convention

The Aarhus Convention grants the public rights regarding access to information, public participation and access to justice, in governmental decision-making processes on matters concerning the local, national and trans-boundary environment. It focuses on interactions between the public and public authorities. Apparently, the Great Repeal Bill contravenes the rules of the convention.

Brexit: It’s Costing About £350m per Week

In the irony of all ironies Britain’s divorce from the European Union is now costing the country £350 million a week. According to figures released in the Financial Times the value of Britain’s output is now around 0.9 per cent lower than was possible if the country had voted to stay in the EU.