Economy: Tories Continue to Fail

It has been revealed that Tory predictions for the economy have been inflated by 33 to 1. This is a comparison between the predictions in the Spring Statement and the recently released figures.

Economy: The Tories’ Real Problem with Austerity

In a short piece for the New Statesman, Stephen Bush beautifully sums up the biggest problem for the Tories and their ideology of austerity - if they want to keep going the only people left to take from are their own base, so now what?

Economy: McDonnell Attacks Central Government over Council Cuts

John McDonnell has accused the government of using cash-strapped local councils as “human shields” to absorb deep spending cuts by the Treasury. Everyday we hear of councils not meeting the standards that residents expect but what can they do with budgets slashed by up to 50%?

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