Labour List: International Women’s Day

There is a website called Labour List that, if you don't know, sends out an eMail every morning to its subscribers with a bit of a rundown of news pertaining to the Labour Party with reference to daily events. Recently they installed their first female editor, Sienna Rodgers, and she has written an excellent eMail … Continue reading Labour List: International Women’s Day


International: Emily Thornberry on the Saudi State Visit

Emily Thornberry has written in today's Guardian outlining her concerns with welcoming Saudi crown prince Mohammad bin Salman to the UK.

International: Boris Backs Spain

Boris Johnson has backed the Spanish government intervention in Catalonia without condemning the tactics employed by the police.


International News: Corbyn’s Plea for the Rohingyas

Jeremy Corbyn appeared on the BBC's Urdu Service earlier today to appeal to Aung San Suu Kyi to protect the Rohingyas.


International: Trump’s Threats could Lead to Nuclear War

Stephen Bush in the New Statesman takes a look at the relationship history between the US and North Korea.


International: Is the Venezuela Crisis Corbyn’s Fault?

Of course it isn't, not that the mainstream media would want you to have any other idea it seems. David Osland takes a look at reporting on the current situation in the country.


International: Why is Trump Sanctioning Venezuela?

Susan Grey, Exec Committee member of the Venezuela Solidarity Campaign, writes for Left Futures on why Trump is continuing to place sanctions on President Maduro.