Media: Snowflakes 1 – The S*n 0

In a piece of journalism that should forever be remembered, The S*n has tried to have a pop at 'snowflakes' who hold the appalling / absolutely correct (delete as appropriate) view that Frankenstein's Monster was a victim in Mary Shelley's classic novel. It is this kind of divisive nonsense that has been damaging the social … Continue reading Media: Snowflakes 1 – The S*n 0


Media: Government Stops Leveson2

In a move that has been widely condemned by a whole range of commentators, the Tory government has abandoned Sir Brian Leveson's enquiry into press standards. Full story here in The Guardian.

Media: Free Speech Does Not Mean You’re Free to Not be Challenged

Owen Jones writes in The Guardian on the growing differences in the interpretations of free speech on the left and the right.