Tories: Siding with Poor Decisions

When HMRC refused to provide cooperation to French authorities who were looking at a case of suspected money laundering that involved one of the main donors to the Tory party it showed that there is a lack of oversight that needs to be addressed. For Philip Hammond to say that they did the right thing … Continue reading Tories: Siding with Poor Decisions

Economy: Tories Continue to Fail

It has been revealed that Tory predictions for the economy have been inflated by 33 to 1. This is a comparison between the predictions in the Spring Statement and the recently released figures.

Tories: Candidate Suspended for Anti-Semitism

A Conservative candidate for the upcoming local elections has been suspended from the Party after a tweet from 2013 emerged that has prompted an investigation into anti-Semitism. Although George Stoakley has now locked his Twitter account a number of screenshots of other abhorrent language had already been taken.

Brexit: Major Call for 2nd Referendum

The former Tory leader, John Major, has called for a free vote on the question of a second referendum on the final Brexit deal. It's a direct attack on the current handling of the situation and said they had a duty to consider the "well-being of the people".

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