Local Labour party members in Adel and Wharfedale have chosen Geraldine Montgomerie as one of their prospective candidates for the Leeds City Council elections in May 2018.

photo credit – Mat Dale

Geraldine, who is a mother of two, was born in Leeds, and has lived and worked here all her life. She grew up in Woodhouse, and lives off Scott Hall Rd. On leaving school she didn’t go to university but worked in a range of temporary jobs, waitressed in Leeds Market, trained as an accountant/bookkeeper, worked as a receptionist, volunteered as a literacy tutor, and, after a spell claiming unemployment benefits, began working in the prison in Armley. All by the time she was 21!

She has trained at York University as a mental health worker with IAPT – Improving Access to Psychological Therapies programme – part of our city’s primary care mental health service. She’s offered clinics in the prison, a library, a children’s centre, a community centre in Woodhouse near Hyde Park Corner, an alcohol service and doctors’ surgeries. She currently works for Touchstone, who provide IAPT services in Leeds.

Geraldine writes:
‘My varied work experience has allowed me the privilege of spending time with people with very different life experiences – including those who perceive themselves to have been treated unjustly, to have been disadvantaged, to be unheard or unvalued, to have few opportunities, multiple challenges and to have little hope for the future.
These concerns can divide communities, erode trust in public bodies, limit the potential of Leeds residents and impact on those around them… and a political leadership role such as a councillor can address these concerns.

I have always been a campaigner. I come from a Labour supporting family, joining strike action and protesting on issues like public sector pay, defence policy and other government positions from a young age.
I recently brought a deputation to Leeds City Council requesting that we create a buffer zone around the Marie Stopes reproductive health clinic in Leeds to prevent protesting against abortion at this facility – a proposal which was unanimously agreed.

As the daughter of a single parent growing up with limited means I am interested in addressing inequality in Leeds.
My working life has given me first-hand experience of day-to-day inequality here in our own city.
As a councillor I would seek to work hard for the people of Adel and Wharfedale, to defend our most vulnerable residents and to improve access to our city’s resources for everybody.”