Brexit: Citizens’ Rights

Diane Abbott writes in today's Guardian about the need to protect citizens' rights in a post Brexit world


Polls: Tories Losing Ground in Scotland

Despite the best efforts of Ruth Davidson (Scottish Tory Party Leader) it looks like all of the shenanigans in Westminster aren't making Scottish Tory voters particularly happy. In a related story; here's a piece by a 'moderate' Labour supporter who explains why she is supporting the more left wing candidate (Richard Leonard) in the … Continue reading Polls: Tories Losing Ground in Scotland

NHS: How About Banning Walk-In Emergency Patients?

Unfortunately, this isn't sarcasm - it isn't even satire. This is an actual idea that Jeremy Hunt (Health Secretary) came up with to help avert a potential winter NHS crisis. Read more with the link below. What have your recent NHS experiences been like? Please comment in the comments section below or on our … Continue reading NHS: How About Banning Walk-In Emergency Patients?

Brexit: Why the EU Should Let the UK Revoke Article 50

In this article for the New Statesman, Steve Bullock (who negotiated several EU regulations for the UK) discusses how such an offer from the EU could potentially result in no Brexit. What do you think? We're always keen to hear your views so please comment below or on the Facebook page.

By Elections: 12/10/2017

Last night there were 8 by elections; 5 Labour defences and 3 for the Tories. Bolehall (Tamworth): Labour HOLD Inverurie (Aberdeenshire): Tories HOLD Stanley & Outwood East (Wakefield): Labour HOLD Rossall (Wyre): Labour HOLD Hucknall North (Ashfield): Independent GAIN from the Tories Chapelford & Old Hall (Warrington): Labour HOLD Beighton (Sheffield): Labour HOLD Oxhey Hall … Continue reading By Elections: 12/10/2017

NHS: Is Austerity Killing the Health Service?

Adam Swersky, a Labour Councillor in Harrow, has written for Labour List on the financial problems being faced by the NHS despite the level of funding rising between 2010 and 2020 by £35bn. Although we have no major hospitals in our ward there are a large number of NHS services available. Have you faced … Continue reading NHS: Is Austerity Killing the Health Service?