Economy: The Tories’ Real Problem with Austerity

In a short piece for the New Statesman, Stephen Bush beautifully sums up the biggest problem for the Tories and their ideology of austerity - if they want to keep going the only people left to take from are their own base, so now what?

Housing: Crisis Hits Taxpayers for £1bn

£1.1 billion was spent on putting homeless families in temporary accommodation last year. Yet another cost that the taxpayer is having to foot due to the Tory's ideologically driven austerity measures.

Economy: Austerity, What is it Good For?

Absolutely nothing appears to be the answer as the IFS reports that after years of painful austerity, the UK’s level of public spending is today no lower as a share of national income than it was after 11 years of a Labour government in 2008. Surely the Tory's economic credibility has to be questioned quite … Continue reading Economy: Austerity, What is it Good For?

NHS: Is Austerity Killing the Health Service?

Adam Swersky, a Labour Councillor in Harrow, has written for Labour List on the financial problems being faced by the NHS despite the level of funding rising between 2010 and 2020 by £35bn. Although we have no major hospitals in our ward there are a large number of NHS services available. Have you faced … Continue reading NHS: Is Austerity Killing the Health Service?

Economics: Teaching Assistants Fighting Austerity

Unionised Teaching Assistants in Durham have been fighting the council over proposed pay cuts for a year and a half. These cuts are a direct result of the crippling underfunding that the Tories have overseen from Westminster and it has to stop.