Brexit: What is a Customs Union?

The CLASS (Centre for Labour And Social Studies) Blog recently did a piece called 'What Is A Customs Union And Why Does It Matter?' With all the talk today this may answer a few people's questions.


Brexit: Corbyn Commits to A Customs Union

In a speech in Coventry this morning Jeremy Corbyn laid out Labour's commitment to pursuing membership of 'a' customs union post Brexit. It's fair to say that you can't please all of the people all of the time and there has been some backlash but many from both sides of the debate have welcomed Labour's … Continue reading Brexit: Corbyn Commits to A Customs Union

Brexit: Benn Tells May Not to Count Out a Customs Union

Hilaary Benn, Chair of the Brexit Committee, has suggested that ruling out any kind of customs union could be a 'profound mistake' with severe ramifications for the Northern Ireland Peace Process.


Brexit: Corbyn and Gardiner Disagree on Customs Union

The Leader of the Labour Party and the Shadow International Trade Secretary are at odds when it comes to Britain's place in the Customs Union post-Brexit.


Brexit: Disagreements in the Labour Party

Heidi Alexander MP (Lewisham East - Lab) has written, in the Guardian, her thoughts on Barry Gardiner MP's (Brent North - Lab) recent comments regarding access to the Single Market and Customs Union