A below inflation increase in the minimum wage? Better than nothing, but we can do better.

Leeds North West Constituency

Often I’m asked as a Labour Party supporter and campaigner which of Labour’s achievements I am most proud. Sometimes I struggle with this question simply from the vast number of achievements. Is it the improvements in the NHS, which saw my mum’s breast cancer treated so soon after diagnosis? Was it the increase of 14,000 police over the 13 years, cutting crime by 32%? Or our proud record on LGBT rights, which I saw most vividly when my sister had her Civil Partnership ceremony 3 years ago? These are but a few, but the one which I believe we all can agree on is the introduction of the minimum wage.

It was a shining example of the unions and the Labour Party working together to produce something so tangible and progressive to so many working people.

Today it was announced that minimum wage would be rising to £6.31 for adults…

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