Socrates stands by Corbyn and Hegel hands him victory.

On Trident, Jeremy Corbyn has already won, and on economic policy he has shattered the comfortable, macro-economic consensus that debates deficits and debts and ignores Sally and Steve from Swindon. (If that sounds insulting, it’s how Corbyn’s despatch box interventions have been sneeringly characterised on all sides). Socrates backs him on both issues. Here is … Continue reading Socrates stands by Corbyn and Hegel hands him victory.


The bank of George

George Osborne has spent his tenure as chancellor by implenting cuts, making the poor poorer and increasing the wealth of the top 1%. One of the worst things he has done was selling off Royal Mail. He sold it to a friend at 1/3 of the market value. The share values shot up instantly and … Continue reading The bank of George

Safeguarding Tenants

Conservative ideology for a long time has been to minimise the state and maximise profits for those who already have money. The height of this was the selling off of social housing that began in the 1980s under Thatcher. The right to buy scheme, on paper, seemed a decent enough idea and gave long term … Continue reading Safeguarding Tenants