PMQs: 10/01/18

Today the exchange between Corbyn and May was all about the NHS. It was an, at times, heated exchange.


NHS: Is Austerity Killing the Health Service?

Adam Swersky, a Labour Councillor in Harrow, has written for Labour List on the financial problems being faced by the NHS despite the level of funding rising between 2010 and 2020 by £35bn. Although we have no major hospitals in our ward there are a large number of NHS services available. Have you faced … Continue reading NHS: Is Austerity Killing the Health Service?

Good News for Holt Park, Cookridge and Tinshill: Labour community campaign heads off surgery closure

Good news for Holt Park, Cookridge and Tinshill. NHS England today announced that Holt Park Surgery will not now close. This decision follows a successful community campaign, led by Labour parliamentary candidate Alex Sobel and Labour’s local election candidate here in Adel and Wharfedale, Mark Henley, and Al Garthwaite, our candidate in Weetwood. The surgery, … Continue reading Good News for Holt Park, Cookridge and Tinshill: Labour community campaign heads off surgery closure

NHS Condition Critical – we’re backing the campaign for Clive Efford’s Private Member’s Bill. Join us this week

Clive Efford’s Bill to halt rush to privatisation is very important – give the campaign all the support you can

Leeds North West Constituency

In November, Labour MP Clive Efford is putting forward a Private Members Bill to stop David Cameron’s sell off of the NHS.
Clive’s Bill will reverse Cameron’s devastating privatisation of our NHS by:
▪ Restoring the central duty on the Secretary of State to provide National Health Services
▪ Removing Cameron’s dangerous competition requirements
▪ Curbing the ability of NHS hospitals to provide private services
▪ Removing the additional duties awarded to Monitor so there is no longer any conflict of interest
▪ Repealing the S.75 competition regulations

The Bill would hold the fort – pending the May 2015 election.
The Labour Party has backed Clive’s bill – and Andy Burnham has called on Tories and LibDems to do the same

“we know that the threat to the NHS is real – and that it can’t wait for an election.
That is why Labour is supporting a Private Member’s Bill…

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A & E is not a place where anyone should have to hang around

We agree with Andy Burnham, Shadow Health Secretary, that the Accident & Emergency ward is not a place anyone should have to hang around. Yet last week, 22,937 people waited more than four hours in A&E before seeing a doctor. The facts show that we can't trust the Tory/LibDem coalition with the NHS. It's up … Continue reading A & E is not a place where anyone should have to hang around

Lynton Crosby, Lobbying and NHS privatisation

Leeds North West Constituency

The questions surrounding Lynton Crosby, lobbying and the Coalition’s policies continue to grow – though they are questions David Cameron does not want you to ask.

In an exclusive report based on leaked [ note ‘leaked’] documents the Guardian revealed that

‘The lobbying firm founded by the Tories’ chief election strategist, Lynton Crosby, advised private healthcare providers on how to exploit perceived “failings” in the NHS.’944481_10151493954607411_537161168_n

Linger a moment over that ‘perceived failings’. That doesn’t mean real failings – it means trying to exploit what people have been led to believe are failings. Led to believe by a media whose record on NHS  reporting is abysmal. A media whose recent reporting has involved downright distortion of statistics and reports, like that of Keogh; a media whose reportting emphasizes all the problems, without making clear the impact of Coalition cuts and re-organisation.

The Guardian goes on

“A Crosby Textor source said…

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The Tories, Lynton Crosby and the Tobacco Companies – demand Cameron clean up politics

Leeds North West Constituency

See if this story alarms you as much it does us:

– Last year the Government announced plans to make it illegal for cigarettes to be sold in branded packaging, after substantial evidence shows it will prevent cancer deaths;

– Months later the Prime Minister hires Lynton Crosby as his chief strategist, a man paid handsomely to lobby for firms including a major international tobacco company;

– Last week: The Government suddenly drops its standardised packaging plans – a move that Cancer charities say will cost lives.

The public has a right to know: why is David Cameron refusing to say whether Lynton Crosby was involved in discussions about cigarette packaging policy?1044884_10151488632817411_1088910777_n

Labour is tabling amendments to the Lobbying Bill after the Government published proposals that will only apply to a tiny proportion of the lobbying industry.

Earlier this afternoon, Ed Miliband wrote to the Cabinet Secretary over Lynton Crosby.

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National media: Keogh says 13k NHS deaths! Keogh: er, no I don’t

Read this – it, and the previous post referred to here, are very important rebuttals of the anti-NHS media campaign breaking this week.


Please share widely, as this is huge and needs to become well-known before the report is published tomorrow.

As I wrote yesterday, the national media is running massive headlines claiming that a report by Sir Bruce Keogh, Medical Director of the NHS, will state that 13,000 people died ‘needlessly’ in the 14 NHS hospitals currently under special investigation for supposed high mortality rates.


As I pointed out, the death claims are completely unfounded and based on the misuse and misrepresentation of a deeply-flawed statistical system, and would still be completely unfounded even if the system were not deeply flawed. For more details of why, read here.

Well, it turns out that the report’s author, Sir Bruce Edward KeoghKBEFRCSFRCP himself, also disagrees with the headlines about his own report. A SKWAWKBOX reader wrote this email to him to challenge his supposed assertions after reading…

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