91% of schools have had their per pupil funding cut

Is your school on the list? You can check here: https://schoolcuts.org.uk/


Education: School Cuts

Last weekend was the NEU (National Education Union) Weekend of Action. The organisation School Cuts put on a number of events which proved very successful. Their website provides information on the amount of money that your local school will be losing under the Tories' new funding formula for schools - check it out here.  

Economy: Let’s Have a Budget that Helps Schools

91% of schools are still facing cuts but this Wednesday Philip Hammond has the power to change that. This short video from schoolcuts.org.uk highlights how schools are at breaking point. https://www.facebook.com/nationaleducationunion/videos/293895791117039/?link_id=1&can_id=8a9025c54df8c5eb37b54a760cde16de&source=email-this-budget-matters-for-children&email_referrer=email_265247___subject_322602&email_subject=this-budget-matters-for-children

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