Economy: Universal Credit is Broken

Sky News have been doing some digging and have discovered that rent arrears, evictions and food bank use are soaring in areas where Universal Credit has been rolled out. When will this government realise the damage they are doing to this country?

Economy: May Faces Universal Credit Woes

Angela Rayner has done a lot in her short time as a shadow minister and forcing 2 crucial votes on Universal Credit was nothing short of fantastic. However, as Stephen Bush explains, this could be the least of Theresa May's worries.

Universal Credit: 6 Weeks is too Long to Wait

Ruth Lister is Emeritus Professor of Social Policy at Loughborough University, sits on the National Advisory Panel of CLASS (Centre for Labour & Social Studies), and is a Labour Peer. Here she writes of the damage caused by making claimants wait 6 weeks to claim UC.

Housing: Landlords Against Universal Credit

The National Landlords Association has called on the government to delay the implementation of further Universal Credits roll out after a poll suggested that 4 out of 5 landlords would deny those on universal credit access to their properties. Are you, or is someone you know, being affected by these government plans? Please let … Continue reading Housing: Landlords Against Universal Credit